A Murder is Announced

by Agatha Christie (adapted by Leslie Darbon)


Julia Simmons
Tracy Windly
Lititia Blacklock
Allyson Ockenden
Dora Bunner
Sheila Burke
Patrick Simmons
Hue Sayer
Siobhan Law
Miss Marple
Julia Loosley
Phillipa Haymes
Helen Goddard
Mrs Swettenham
Debbie Curren
Edmund Swettenham
Wayne Trice
Rudi Scherz
Jonathan Denne
Inspector Craddock
Graham Carney
Sargeant Mellors
Mark Jones


Mike Hodd
Assistant Stage Manager
Phillip Austin
Assistant Stage Manager
Elaine Perry
Stage Manager
Peter Quantock
Assistant Stage Manager
Pete Rollings
Mark Jones

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