The society committee is responsible for keeping all things Spread Eagle Players running smoothly. They choose the shows that will grace the Bridewell stage, organise the socials that go on throughout the year and keep everyone informed about what's coming up.

We also give each of our members the chance to join the committee. Each year we hold an AGM where nominated members are voted on to the committee by the rest of the membership. There are four honorary roles on the committee that must be filled with current or retired Barclays staff members, but there are also four spots on the committee available to any member. The rules for nominating and voting are circulated prior to the AGM each year.

Current Committee

Honorary Secretary
Catriona Maclean

Honorary Chairperson
Anita Stoney

Honorary Treasurer
Liz Edgeler

Honorary Stage Manager
Ted Edgeler

Committee Member
Chris Manley

Committee Member
Steve Ball

Committee Member
James Banton

Committee Member
Reece Whybro

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