Audition Registration for All About My Mother

Thank you for considering auditioning for All About My Mother. More information about this production can be found in the audition pack below. Please read this carefully before you decide to audition and when you are ready, complete and submit the form below.

PDF Audition Pack

Personal Details

Please give us your personal details so that we can contact you to let you know if you were successful. If you are not already a member, your email address will be added to our members list, so that you find out about auditions and opportunities in the future.


Please select the characters you would like to audition for. More information about the characters can be found in the audition pack.


Please advise us of any holidays you have between now and the end of show week and any rehearsal days you can't make by selecting the days you are unavailable.

Alternative Roles

If you are not cast in an acting role, please indicate if you would be willing to get involved in any of the following activities for this show.

Any Other Comments

If you feel there is anything else we need to know when considering you for a role, please fill in the box below.

Audition Date

The auditions for All About My Mother will be held on Wednesday, October 18, 2017 6:30 PM. Where possible we will try to audition you on an alternative date if you are unable to make the main auditions. If you would like to arrange an alternative date, indicate so below and we will contact you.